Use open standards, common components and patterns, and create new ones if there is not one that already meets your needs.

Why it's important

Open standards (opens in new tab) saves money and makes use of best practice.

Using common components, patterns and technology stacks means you don't have to solve problems that've already been solved. By using a component, pattern or stack that's already been assured and extensively tested, you can provide users with a good experience in a cost effective way. It also speeds up delivery and reduces risk.

We encourage teams to develop components and patterns that meet a shared need, it's important to share them so that others can benefit from your work.

How to meet this standard in every phase

You'll be assessed on what you've done to meet this standard at service assessments. However, even if the service you are working on is not being assessed, it's good practice to consider how you'll meet this standard point.

Things to consider:

Profession specific guidance

Each DDaT profession in DfE has their own community and guidance.


Technical Guidance

Design Manual