The DesignOps team are building a new service to find out about and assure digital projects and services in DfE.

The Service assessment service will include guidance to find out about, book, and report on assessments and peer reviews. From discovery peer reviews to service assessments.

The service will be used by service teams, assessors and the service assessment team. All of who are involved as either stakeholders or users of the service in research.

Screenshot showing the Assure your service prototype

You can read more about the work on building this service in our design history.

Join our user research panel

If you would like to help us to build the service the right way you can join our user research panel.

We run research sessions with delivery managers, product managers, and service assessors.

If you work within DfE and are interested in helping us with our research at some point you can register your interest using this Microsoft Form.

If you are from another government department and want to get involved, email

A typical session lasts 45 minutes to an hour. We would contact you when organising a round of research to see if you were free and would like to participate.