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Apply the Service Standard in DfE

Guidance and information for how to apply the Government Service Standard to design and build accessible, usable and understandable services.

Getting started

  • Service Standard

    How to apply the 14 point Service Standard in the context of DfE services and users.

  • Accessibility

    Understand and apply accessibility at all stages of the service delivery lifecycle.

  • Service assessments

    Assurance that you’re meeting standards and you’re delivering using good practice.

Other manuals and guidance

Other manuals which enable you to deliver good services for users.

  • Design manual

    Guidance, patterns and standards for content, service and interaction designers delivering DfE services.

  • Technical guidance manual

    Technical standards and guidance that we expect teams working within DfE to follow when building digital services.

  • Architecture manual

    Architectural guidance, principles and standards.